Where does ÉLEVANCE come from?


Samyang is one of the most important multinationals based in South Korea that produces reabsorbable biopolymers for medicine and surgery (mesh, anchor screws, biodegradable dental implants and synthetic resorbable sutures).

The PDO produced by Samyang meets all requirements of European (EP) and American (USP) pharmacopoeia. We chose Monosorb ® Plus because  of its high quality standards: is an antimicrobial absorbable monofilament in Polidioxanone (PDO) of superior quality.                         

Production Process 

The production process starts with the polymerization of Polidioxanone which is then melted and molded with a Molding System. This Molding Method prevents the final product from being damaged in case of high or low temperatures because of thermal shock after the assembly in the cannula.

The production process continues until the finished product is on the reel. After a strict quality control, it is sterilized with ethylene oxide (ETO) and then assembled in the cannula. 

Finished product is blistered in 10-units pouches.